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Building Better Nonprofits

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Ideas and Advice to Support Your Organization

I can offer four services to nonprofits:

Service #1 - Generating practical ideas for raising money or promoting a cause.

Service #2 - Advice on developing or implementing new programs.

Service #3 - Help developing new marketing and promotion techniques.

Service #4 - Advice on designing social innovations.

Who am I?

I've got about 10 years' experience studying social innovation, creative thinking, and design thinking. I also have a PhD in Sociology (1999, Oklahoma State University) and wrote my dissertation on technological change in Oklahoma's government during the late 1970s through the early 1990s.

What does it cost?

I charge $35 per hour. A project may involve anywhere from 4 billable hours to over 30. You only need to pay 50% up front, though there is a 10% discount for paying up front.

How do I do this?
I use some basic data collection tools, like interviews and Web searches to dig up information. Then I pull out some tools for creative problem solving and apply some sociology and psychology to the problem at hand.
Have you done this before?
Yes, to develop and market my own ideas. Feel free to ask me for more details.