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Building Better Nonprofits

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Looking for marketing or fundraising advice? My ebook Better Nonprofit Marketing offers a short and simple process for improving a nonprofit's communication efforts.
This short book teaches you how to be better at marketing and fundraising. The chapters emphasize planning, looking for ideas, brainstorming, and evaluating ideas.

1. Evaluate the returns you are getting from current fundraising and marketing efforts.

2. Steal and adapt marketing ideas normally used by businesses, not nonprofits.

3. Easily gain a better understanding of your audience and what they want.

4. Generate new ideas that are realistic for you to implement.

Using the evaluation tools included in Better Nonprofit Marketing will save time and money, and help you to increase your organization's credibility with potential supporters.

Worksheets and exercises make it easy to apply the contents of each chapter to your own organization and its challenges.

Better Nonprofit Marketing is now availabe from

I hope you find something that sheds light on your challenge. You don't have a current challenge, you say? Well, think of something and come back soon!

COMING FEBRUARY 2013: A concise guide to innovation in any nonprofit called The Innovative Nonprofit ($2.99 on

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