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The Creative Activism Guide

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Brainstorming, Problem Solving, Decision Analysis, and More

The Creative Activism Guide shows readers how to use formal innovation techniques for social betterment. The Creative Activism Guide covers problem definition, idea generation, structured problem solving, idea evaluation, decision analysis, and the selling of ideas. Social entrepreneurs, activists, nonprofit management people, and anyone interested in socially responsible business will find helpful advice and information. You will discover:
1. Proven idea generation techniques
2. Tools for making better decisions
3. Ways to find, steal, and adapt valuable ideas
4. Tools for gaining a better understanding of your challenge
5. Tools for designing and selling social innovations
6. An eight-part creative activism strategy
7. The four principles of powerful and effective social innovation
NOW AVAILABLE ON in ebook and softcover versions. Two sample chapters are available for free download. The Guide is also available on

Table of Contents

Introduction *

Chapter 1 – Creating a Strategy *

Chapter 2 – Innovation Tools & Tactics *

Chapter 3 – Asking Good Questions *

Chapter 4 – Problem Analysis *

Chapter 5 – Spotting Potential Problems and Opportunities *

Chapter 6 – Don’t Beg or Borrow, Steal! *

Chapter 7 – Design for Social Betterment *

Chapter 8 – Brainstorming Tools *

Chapter 9 – Evaluating Ideas *

Chapter 10 – Innovation Strategies *

Chapter 11 – Making Better Decisions *

Chapter 12 – Problem Solving Groups and Practices *

Chapter 13 – Collaboration Tools *

Chapter 14 – Selling Ideas *

Chapter 15 – Putting Everything Together *

Chapter 16 – Advanced Innovation Tools *

Appendix 1 – Some Social Innovations *

Appendix 2 – Fighting Bad Ideas *

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We Need New Ideas, Sold Effectively