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Building Better Nonprofits

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Here are some sources of ideas, advice and inspiration. Remember that combining and adapting existing ideas are two fundamentals of creative thinking. 
I also have a few book recommendations. If you only read one book on the art of thinking it should be either de Bono's Thinking Course, by Edward de Bono or ThinkerToys by Michael Michalko. On sustainability you may also want to read Eco-Pioneers (edited by Steve Lerner), Ecological Design (SimVan Der Ryn and Stuart Cowan),  and Building Sustainable Communities. Some other titles you may like include:
* Where We Live: A Citizen's Guide to Conducting a Community Environmental Inventory
* Toward Sustainable Communities: Resources for Citizens and Their Governments
* Building Communities from the Inside Out: A Path Toward Finding and Mobilizing Community Assets
* The Community Activist's Handbook: A Guide to Organizing, Publicizing, and Financing Community Campaigns 
* The Earth User's Guide to Parmaculture
* Community Building: What Makes it Work
* Toward Sustainable Communities: Resources for Citizen's and Their Governments
* The Ecology of Place: Planning for Environment, Economy, and Community
I'll be adding more books, mostly older ones, and adding new titles as I find out about them. All of the titles will have either lots of good ideas to inspire or practical information on one or more aspects of building sustainable communities.
And here are some links to information on decision-making, creative thinking (of course!), and to organizations that offer professional help:

Creative Community Development

Learn About Design Inspired by Nature

Online Decision Making Help

Help Finding and Getting Government Grants

An Encyclopedia of Social Inventions

Information for Low-Tech Sustainability

Green Business Concepts

Get books on creative thinking, sustainable development, community development, and economic development.