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Three Titles I'm Researching Now

I’m doing a bit of market research on some books I’d like to write. Not much point if there’s no market right?

1. The Worldchanger’s Toolbox - Problem analysis, planning, idea generation, and decision making techniques explained with instructions for applying them to advocacy, fundraising, political campaigns, program and policy design. Also includes primers on copywriting, on the psychology of selling, and on the diffusion of social and technological innovations. 400 pages and $24.99 in paperback. 

2. The Little Book of Bad Ideas - Catalogs the social and personal costs of ideas including astrology, God, free will, responsibility, self-improvement, homeopathy, and lotteries. There will also be a chapter on the concept of “social pollution” and a chapter on the cognitive biases and cultural factors that support the birth and survival of bad ideas.  200 pages and $12.99 in paperback.

3. Social Pollution - While #2 is mostly a sociological trivia book, Social Pollution is a study of the subject, the causes, the consequences, prevention, and remediation. Think The God Delusion for culture and you get the idea. 350 pages and $19.99 in paperback.

What do you think? Contact me with your comments?