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Creating and Selling New Ideas

Many books on brainstorming, "applied creativity", and general problem solving exist. To be honest, some of the material is useful and some is just fluff.
Still, nonprofit managers, activists, and social entrepreneurs are overlooking opportunities to get better ideas and/or sell ideas to the rest of us. This situation needs to change.
Plenty of good, though underused, techniques for getting, evaluating, selling, and implementing ideas are out there. The point is to use them for the benefit of society.
There are plenty of causes that could benefit from new thinking. Some examples follow:

1. Combating global climate change

2. Adapting to global climate change

3. Eliminating global poverty

4. Converting the United States economy to one based on renewable energy

5. Your favorite cause

 Software and books abound. You can learn more about what's available at

Innovation Tools

The world needs new ideas, or at least better ways of selling the ideas we've got.