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Chester Davis

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Questions for Interviews and Stories

1. What are the best applications of brainstorming techniques to social change?

2. How can people who feel they know what to do and how benefit from reading a book like The Creative Activism Guide?

3. How would activists design a policy, program, or public education effort?

4.Why is a systematic approach to creating and selling social change ideas much better than an ad hoc apporach that som many seem to use effectively?

5. How can logic and science play a more effective role in the highly emotional and politcally charged arena of social activism?

6.What are the best applications of problem analyis techniques to social change?

7. How can activists apply the principles of creative activism to a current social concern, for example, to ending the War in Iraq?

8. Where should readers start when using the techniques described in your book?

9. What are the best applications of decision analysis techniques to social change?

10. How would activists use cost-benefit analysis?

For the Media: Use these questions with or without the story ideas on my Media Information page.