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My favorite subjects and why they matter

I want to answer several  sociological questions:
Why should people pay more attention to sociology and think more like sociologists? 
What are the negative impacts of the ideas, beliefs, and traditions that underpin modern society?
How can we quantify those impacts and use the information to promote social change?
How can we replace the rules of thumb that guide our decisions with better rules, rules that aren't so subject to psychological and sociological biases?
What sociological biases pollute popular thinking about how society really works?
What can we do to counter those biases and clean up the damage they've caused?  
How do psychology, culture, biology, social structure, the natural environment, and chance interact to shape how societies work, and change, and decline?

Social change can be helped along by applying certain tools for creative thinking and for structured problem solving. The tools that advertising agencies, designers, writers, artists, entrepreneurs, and management consultants use can help activists and nonprofit managers.

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