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Public Sector Innovation

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Eight Elements of a Social Change Effort


Analyze Challenges – question assumptions and ask plenty of other questions. Consider what the real problem might be, what objective you really want to achieve, and whether the "problem" is even solveable. (EX: Many people will be probably always be less interested in animal welfare compared to animal rights activists. That lack of interest on everyone's part isn't really a solvable problem, if it even qualifies as a problem.) 

Plan strategically – the social environment, goals, and objectives need to be considered. Is solving this problem, and keeping it solved, the final goal? What is? Can you plot out a course over the next few years that will close the distance between current conditions and desired conditions? 

Steal Ideas – look at many sources of information and ideas for anything you can use. If you can't find anything to steal then you probably aren't looking hard enough!

Think Design – values, economics, social context) technology, economics, organizations, politics) influence what counts as a good design

Think creatively –use brainstorming techniques or systematic idea generation methods

Think Scientifically – remember facts, theory, and logic

Think Analytically – test hypotheses, relate parts of the problem/issue to the whole

Think Marketing – audience, selling points, motivators, media

Using business tools in activism, public administration, and nonprofit management.