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A brief yet comprehensive biography


What in the world am I doing? Well, you may wonder that if you read about my services. I love to work out new ideas using techniques like lateral thinking, and software (currently, IdeaFisher). Maybe I can contribute something of value to your organization. If so, and only if you decide to implement my idea, then I would want to be compensated for my efforts.
My background is in sociology (Ph.D., Oklahoma State University) with specialities in formal organizations and environmental sociology. I'm particularly knowledgeable in the areas of brainstorming techniques, sustainable development, technological change in organizations, and "green" technology.
My sociology work experience includes doing survey research for a public policy institute, doing qualitative research on change in a state human services agency, and doing evaluation research at a nonprofit. I've taught sociology, done research on smart card applications, and worked with Volunteers in Service to America, a program of the Corporation for National and Community Service. I've presented my work at an Alliance for Community Media conference, and at social science conferences. I now work for the federal government helping to manage the IT and telecom infrastructure that supports our federal court system.

We need to get new ideas and make wider use of the good ones that already exist!

Using business tools in activism, public administration, and nonprofit management.