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Public Sector Innovation

Where to Start?

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Where to Start?
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Easy ways to improve performance in many areas

The point of this page is to suggest starting points for those interested in learning more, or in going right to work learning things that will improve your organization's capacity to innovate, solve problems, and plan. The following list of objectives and suggested resources will help you get started:
Capturing and sharing knowledge - visit Innovation Tools and Knowledge Management World; read Building Communities of Practice or Knowledge Management for Dummies.
Improving Your Marketing or Fundraising - Read Cracking Creativity or Thinkertoys; buy a copy of IdeaFisher Pro; consider buying one of the other creative thinking programs mentioned on Innovation Tools; take a course in creative thinking techniques (like Lateral Thinking)
Developing New Programs - see above; read De Bono's Thinking Course, New Thinking for the New Millenium or The Creative Problem Solver's Toolbox
Troubleshooting Programs or Operations - read The New Rational Manager or The Thinker's Toolkit; take a Kepner-Tregoe course on management analysis
Planning - read about Potential Problem/Opportunity Analysis in The New Rational Manager; get a copyu of IdeaFisher Pro.
Visit my links page for links for training and software.You can find the books on

Evaluate your needs at this time and take one of these easy first steps to greater performance!

Using business tools in activism, public administration, and nonprofit management.