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Public Sector Innovation

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Strategies to enhance the effectiveness of activism, nonprofit management, and public administration.

Activists, people in nonprofits, and employees of government agencies face many of the same challenges: sharing knowledge, troubleshooting programs, "selling" new ideas, and making the most of a too-limited budget. Fortunately, many proven tools and strategies exist to help with just such challenges.

To start learning about these tools and strategies visit Where to Start?, Goals, or Recommended Reading. Check out my Links page for sources of information, books, software, training, and technical assistance.

Visit the Software Downloads page for some free software (or free trials) that can help you generate ideas, solve problems, or share information and ideas with a work group.

The Book Ideas and Public Sector Innovation Institute pages describe some of my own ideas. I hope you'll like them.

The Idea

I want activists, nonprofit staff, and government workers to find something here that they can use in their own work. Maybe you need to start with a book, or a visit to a couple of Web sites. Maybe you need one of the many computer programs that support creativity, problem solving, or knowledge management.

You could start learning more by buying my new book. The Creative Activism Guide is now available on or from Free sample chapters and an ebook version are available from Booklocker.

Chester Davis, Ph.D.* 3105 Naylor Road SE #202* Washington, DC * 20020

Using business tools in activism, public administration, and nonprofit management.