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Chester Davis, Nonprofit Consultant

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Does your nonprofit need help with fundraising, marketing, program design, program improvement, or strategy?

Nonprofits face many common challenges:

  • Raising money
  • Changing behaviors
  • Designing and delivering effective programs   
  • Creating and selling new policy ideas
  • Changing peoples' minds 

Sometimes the best approach to a challenge is easy to find and to implement. In other situations,no practical approach seems to be available. 

Creative problem solving can help you bridge the gap between what you have and what you need to reach your organization's goals. You can brainstorm on your own or with your coworkers.

But, there is a whole realm of possibility that lies just beyond what you probably think of as brianstorming.

Techniques that entrepreneurs, inventors, and marketers use to create, design, improve, and sell exist. Take advantage of those techniques, just to see if a breakthrough idea that's practical and powerful, might be out there.

Read on to find out more about an enhanced brainstorming process.  

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You can get started right now by filling out this form and submitting it. There is no cost or obligation of course.

NEW: Do you want to better define your desired outcomes, measure your results, and report on what you've accomplished? Donors and grantmakers expect you to do that! If you would like some help, visit my Outcomes page for details.

Coming Soon:
Are you looking for ways to make your nonprofit much more effective? In August I will be releasing a short $4.99 e-book on tactics for generating fundraising, marketing, and program ideas. Shoot me an email for a free preview!
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