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Chester Davis, Nonprofit Consultant

How This Works

What to Do
How This Works
About Me
Social Change Research
Project Ideas

What exactly do I do? 

About the Consulting Process:
Start by submitting an information request form on my Home Page or on the What to Do page. I'll review the request and contact you to ask some questions.
You can also use the Information Request form to request research assistance. 
Expect a reply to any submission in two business days. 
I use brainstorming software that's also used by hundreds of consultants, entrepreneurs, and managers to solve problems and generate ideas. You can learn more about the software, ThoughtOffice, by following the hyperlink.
How much does it all cost?
The full report will cost between $300 and $900 depending on the complexity of the situation, the detail required to flesh out an idea, and other factors.
Rush service is available if you need a workable new idea in a hurry. The report will be delivered within three working days and carries a 20% premium over that standard rate.
7/12/2012: The service and terms described above are not available to businesses that need new advertising, marketing, product and service ideas. I have a background in academia, IT project management, and Internet business if that information helps you decide whether I could really help.

What do you get?
You will get a report containing this information:
  • a summary of the structured interview
  • the criteria that define a "good idea"
  • my idea, described in depth
  • advice on implementing the idea

Revisions to the report are free as long as the request comes within 30 days after I deliver my draft. 


If you like my initial, free idea I'll be happy to help you develop and implement it!