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Is one of these projects right for your organization?

Nonprofit Organizations or Projects:
Public Sector Innovation Institute - a training and technical assistance firm that helps governments and nonprofits develop and implement innovative ideas.
Social Issues Web Portal - a central location to get real social and psychological research, not hype and emotional rhetoric on social issues confronting the United States. Some information will be relevant to other countries. Could be tailored to focus on other countries. Opportunity to advertise custom research services, books on a topic that the visitor is researching, and more.
Social Issues Web Guide - A Web portal to serve social scientists who work outside acadwemia, as well as those who may wish to do so, and consumers of social science research. Forums, reports, advice columns, and book reviews offer value to all three types of visitors. Reports, digests of applied research, and advertising could generate revenue.
Impact of Ideas Initiative - Reasearches the impacts of ideas on our social institutions, to develop alternatives that will get better results, and to promote those alternative ideas. The point? To combat the impact of counterfactual and irrational ideas that undermine widely held values and make society less reasonable than it could be.
The Social Pollution Prevention Project - A program that uses the Web and print ads to combat wrong pop culture ideas about human behavior and about how society works.

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Sociology and Business:
Sociology Business Opportunities - A project to search the sociology literature for new product and service ideas. The search could be expanded to include new nonprofit programs and projects. Could we really find anything useful? See my Social Issues Web Guide and "expert system" software described above. Also, see my list of social innovations.
And a New Television Series:
Social Issues TV - A television series that presents facts and logical arguments on both sides of issues, such as the legalization of drugs. Also uses sexy hosts, music, and a visual style geared toward the under-25 crowd.
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Most of these ideas are for sale under the terms outlined in How This Works