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Chester Davis, Nonprofit Consultant

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Who is Chester Davis and what does he know?

My Philosophy

We need to create or refine or adapt new ideas on relationships, government, laws, business, and social organization. We also need to work on promoting these ideas. Tools and techniques for generating breakthrough ideas in these areas exist and really need to be put to wider use.


My Experience

My Ph.D. is in Sociology, with specialties in environmental sociology and formal organizations. I've taught sociology, conducted public policy research, worked as a VISTA, and worked in IT project management for the federal government. I've also spent seven years studying problem-solving, brainstorming, and sustainable development.
My many years of experience at developing new ideas can be sampled on Global Ideas Bank, this Web site, my blogs, and my other Tripod Web sites. 

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Chester Davis
3105 Naylor Road SE #202
Washington, DC 20020
(o) 202-575-0047
(c) 202-641-2927

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