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Chester Davis, Nonprofit Consultant


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A Novel Consulting Service

Before we go any further, please take a few minutes and write down answers to these three questions:
1. For what issue, challenge, or opportunity would you like new ideas?
2. What obstacles are standing between you and the results you want?
3. Given your circumstances, what would count as a good idea? 
Now you need an idea you can use. Why not engage in a systematic process that asks and answers the important ideas, offers alternative approaches, and points to the best approach? That's what I do, to save you the time and the learning curve involved in mastering business creativity tools and techniques.   
Free Advice?
Yes, you can even get some advice for free. Why give away worthwhile advice? To make it clear that these fancy brainstorming tools do help. If you like what you get, you may then want me to write a detailed implementation plan for that  idea. The link takes you to a sample plan.
Want to learn more?
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