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Chester Davis, Nonprofit Consultant


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Using social science to find opportunities

I know there are many product, service, and program ideas contained in social science research. Maybe you've had the same thought, as there are a few success stories out there.
Ever heard of neurolinguistic programming (NLP)? It is a psychological "technology" now used for self-imptrovement and motication most famously by Anthony Robbins. His books, audiotapes, and seminars have made him tens of millions of dollars.
There must be other gems of similar value to NLP. Perhaps research on the characteristics of successful innovations can be used as a consulting tool or a product development checklist. Perhaps research on how organizations respond to changes in their social environment can lead to a new technology like NLP.
Maybe a strategy for modeling social systems will help nonprofits design new and better programs for addressing issues like teen suicide and gang violence?
I can look for an idea and help you implement it. This service is available for a small share of grant money, loan money, venture capital, or revenue.

My idea searches can be helpful to businesses, nonprofits, universities, governments and community groups.  

An idea search could also lead to improved programs or services.