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Chester Davis, Nonprofit Consultant

Social Innovations

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Some new processes and practices to implement

Bathroom social marketing - use stalls and spaces above urinals to post messages about behaviors that will benefit readers, such as safer sex messages and messages about veganism.
Charity Indulgences - Sell charitable donation as a way to relieve guilt and raise money for high-impact charitable projects. The rationale? People often volunteer or donate out of a desire to feel better about some situation or problem wihtout calculating how best to use their resources to address a given issue.
Two Planning Tools - two formulas for making decisions about how to use your resources (time, money, staff, credibility) to make change happen. One formula is based on measuring the impact of behaviors you could be trying to either promote or change. The other formula is for deciding which interventions will provide the most bang for your buck.

Wondering hwo any of these ideas could help your group or organization? Just ask me!

More social innovations will be posted here, eventually.