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Chester Davis, Nonprofit Consultant

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Understanding Society - describes the real workings of omdern societies and social processes (like social movements and changes in social institutions) without too much abstraction and jargon.
Is That a Good Idea? - describes the ideas that guide modern societies and examines their consequences for businesses, governments, and individuals.
Social Pollution: What is it and why does it matter? - Identifying ideas that are  counterfactual, illogical, or that undermine widely held values opens the way to better social policies and better personal decisions.
Thinking Traps  - Describes nine kinds of errors in our thinking about social issues, relationships, our communities, and our future. Examples from public policy and personal decisions are accompanied by practical tips on how to avoid each of the traps in our personal lives and in institutional decision making.
Thinking About Society - Helps readers understand how relationships, natural environment, culture, biology, genetics, psychology, and chance shape societies. Combines abstract description and applications of this "sociological perspective" to personal decision making, business decisions, and policy decisions.
Nonprofit Innovation Strategies - How to use applied creativity, business innovation tools and strategies to improve performance by nonprofit organizations, with examples and extensive lists of software, books, and Web sites.
Activism Strategies - Essentially the same as Nonprofit Innovation Strategies but the focus is on public education, social marketing, activism strategy and tactics. 
Public Sector Innovation Strategies - Similar to Nonprofit Innovation Strategies but braodly focused on government, nonprofits, community groups, and social entrepreneurs.

These are book ideas I want to "sell" in the near future. I am actually working on Understanding Society and Public Sector Innovation Strategies now.
I also have a short manuscript (approx. 35000 words) titled Sustainable Development Strategies that describes innovations relevant to many types of development challenges, including extreme poverty and resource dependence. Extenisve notes on how the innovations can be combined, adapted, or modified turn Sustainable Development Strategies into a problem-solving handbook.  

This is a partial list of my ideas, one that emphasizes marketability.