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Affordable Help with Marketing, Program Design, and Strategy

Before you start a new advocacy campaign, fundraising drive, marketing effort, or program you might want some outside help working through the many factors that influence your results.
That's where I can help. And here are the answers to some questions that may have already crossed your mind:
How does this work?
I ask questions to help you develop or refine an idea then report on an innovative way to achieve your objective, whether it be raising more money or devising a clever new program. You will need to supply with some information about your organization and your current needs. 
How much does it cost?
The research, writing, and consultations will cost $400 to $1200 depending on the complexity of the project. Contact me for a free qoute. 
How long does it take?
The interview, or interviews, should take two or three hours, over several phone calls.It will take me a few day to assemble and deliver a report. A few days after I deliver the report we can discuss it on the phone or over Skype.
What do I actually get?
Aside from that brief phone consultation, you also get a written report describing the new fundraising idea, how to implement, and how it was evaluated (to be sure it could actually work).

How much is a small improvement in results worth to your nonprofit?

Chester Davis * 3105 Naylor Road SE #202 * Washington, DC * 20020