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Fundraising letters are still important

Do you have an effective plan for reaching potential donors using old-fashioned fundraising letters?
All fundraising elements have certain key components:
1. The best possible headline.
2. A strong lead paragraph.
3. A customized appeal.
4. A reply card that reinforces the desire to give.
5. The best P.S.
Those elements are not easy to implement in an actual letter. You'll need to know how to organize your material around a crytal clear marketing concept. You also need to deftly weave together anecdotes, facts, qoutes, and questions.
All of that planning, and writing, and editing takes lots of time.
If you think you would rather have me do the hard work on your next fundraising package, feel free to get in touch. There is no cost or obligation to talk about your fundraising objectives or ideas.

Combine off-line communications and on-line communications for better fundraising results.

Chester Davis * 3105 Naylor Road SE #202 * Washington, DC * 20020