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Copywriting for Nonprofits

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Web writing that helps nonprofits market themselves more effectively

Does your nonprofit need to:

  • Persuade people to donate money, services, or products?
  • Convince people to change their behavior?
  • Recruit volunteers, clients, and program participants? 
  • Generate lots of new Web content?
  • Sell things to generate income?
Email and web pages that solicit funds or signatures, or try to promote behavior changes get better results when you employ certain writing techniques. You can hone your wriitng skills by taking classes or studying authors who specialize in the teaching of persuasive writing. Or, you can hire someone to do the writing for you.
That is why you are visiting this site. You are looking for someone who knows how to write fundraising letters (and Web content!) and other materials that nonprofits need to be effective:
  • Web copy that sells ideas
  • Email messages that get donations
  • Web and email communications that build relationships with donors
  • Informative articles and blog posts
I can also help you with a crowdfunding effort. Using a Web site to raise money for a specific project is a great new way to reach donors, with the help of numerous fundraising platforms made for just that purpose.
Check my online portfolio to see what I can do. You might also want to visit the About Chester Davis page to learn more about my background.
Know someone else who might be interested in my services? Use the button to send them a message: 

Innovative Nonprofits Accomplish More!
You might sometimes wish you could come up with new and better ideas for fundraising, marketing, and program design. You don't have tons of or money to invest in training and consulting. My forthcoming ebook. The Innovative Nonprofit, offers a simple process for generating practical and useful new ideas. 
Need new ideas?
Learn about a simnple process for marketing and fundraising more effectively and more efficiently in my forthcoming ebook Better Nonprofit Marketing. Only $2.99 through and available October 22.

Chester Davis * 3105 Naylor Road SE #202 * Washington, DC * 20020