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On this site you'll learn how the tools of business innovation can be used to promote socially and ecologically sound development.

Community development, community organizing, and economic development (at any scale) are really the cornerstones of sustainable development. Or, they can be. This site is all about the resources that can help you create a socially and ecologically sustainable society.
The software, ideas, and practices that people in business (and the arts to a lesser extent) use to be more innovative can also work in community and economic development. The rest of this site elaborates on those ideas. 
You'll also find information on books, Web sites, consultants, trainers, and software that can help you carry out projects that are innovative, sustainable, and practical
Forthcoming features: 
1. A free ebook on strategies and technologies that support sustainable community development.
2. A free report on problem-solving strategies.
3. More information on how business innovation strategies can help groups or organizations concerned with community or economic development.
3. Some information on using marketing techniques to "sell" sustainable development policies and sustainable technologies.

20th Century Thinking is dead!
Twentieth Century Thinking

We need new thinking

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