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Chester Davis, Nonprofit Consultant

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Pitching Some Ideas That Must be Sold!

Dungeons and Dragons meets Stargate SG-1: A scientific team discovers a device that they believe allows for instant interstellar travel but that really allows travel to other dimensions including some full of evil creatures. These destinations are what lead to an ongoing conflict.
(A variation on this idea simply uses a variety of settings from the books Manual of the Planes and Beyond Countless Doorways as the sites of various adventures.) 
Diablo II in Manhattan - The Prime Evils from the famous PC games turn their attention to 21st century Earth. The good guys discover one of the demons' scouting missions and the battle to stop a full-scale invasion is on!
Post-Apocalypse Diablo - A mgaical cataclysm has destroyed most of civilization and changed the laws of physics. The heroes, their high-tech weapons and electronics now useless, have to stop the demonic invasion.
The Day the World Changed - This is the same magical cataclysm mentioned above, but without all of the drama. The residents of a small, isolated town try to cope with the inevitable unravelling of civilization that comes when most our high-tech devices mysteriously stop working. Some weak supernatural abilities and some mutant animals appear but are not central to the story.
The Day the Earth Died - A nearby star has begun emitting gamma ray bursts that will render the earth's surface uninhabitable. The characters are trying to organize efforts to create a new, underground civilization. Picture "The Day After Tomorrow" and "The West Wing".
Robotech - Making the cheesy kid's cartoons into an adult drama, live action at that. I would lose the destroids, transforming spacecraft, and 50-foot aliens (make 'em normal sized!) and make the Earth aircraft a little more futuristic.
Chronicles of the Galactic Lensmen - TV series that eliminates some of the technobabble (macrobeams, dirigible ball lightning), updates the anachronistic technology (e.g. switchboards and typewriters), and makes the aliens more alien.

My point in listing these ideas?
I'd love to find an experienced screenwriter to work with on these projects! (if your experience consists of taking a screenwriting class, that would be enough.)
Probably only "The Day the World Changed" and "The Day the Earth Died" are realistic prospects in the latter case since I do not own the required movie and TV rights for the other projects.

These are only my "fun" ideas; I have others for shows on social issues, activism strategies, and sustainable development strategies. Ask me for details.