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Your Chance to Address Three of the Nation’s Problems at Once


Can Energy Efficiency Programs Improve the Economy, Clear the Air, and Make the Country Safer?

Decisions about energy use that save a few dollars here and avoiding a few tones of carbon dioxide production there add up. Quickly. But those types of decisions aren’t made unless the decision makers have good information about what to do, how to do it, and how they can benefit. Providing information and advice that leads to good energy-saving decisions is an important job. The nonprofit Energy Efficiency Coalition is dedicated to educating consumers, businesspeople, and government officials about energy efficiency.

However, since we are a nonprofit, our effectiveness depends heavily on donations from people who share our commitment to creating an energy efficient economy. Your donation of only $35 will help. I’ll explain.

Energy efficient policies, designs, and consumer decisions won’t happen on their own. Yet, saving energy - in our office buildings, homes, factories, and cars - can really make a difference. The fuel we use to make that energy has to come from somewhere, often from unstable or unfriendly places. The waste products have to go somewhere. Somebody has to make and sell the energy-efficient products we need, so energy efficiency can create jobs. The money we save by spending less on energy could go to things that would really improve our quality of life. The changes we need to make aren’t going to happen without the support of people like you, people who care about the environment, health, and national security. Your donation will help the Energy Efficiency Coalition continue and expand its efforts.

What has the Energy Efficiency Coalition done lately? The Energy Efficiency Coalition has produced measurable results through many programs run on its own or with other organizations. Here are some examples:

1. An Coalition program resulted in the replacement of over 100,000 inefficient room air conditioners in New York State with new Energy Star units.

2. The marketing and communications department of the Coalition produced several public service announcements, including one - Saving Electricity Makes Money - that garnered advertising awards in Europe and the United States.

3. Helped to start energy efficiency efforts on 22 university campuses in North America, in partnership with the National Wildlife Federation.

Programs of the Energy Efficiency Coalition are also helping people in other countries to run their homes and businesses on less energy. Through a program of technical assistance and grants, the Coalition has helped equip 300 schools in Kiev with modern super efficient heating systems. Most schools are heated by inefficient and leaky natural-gas systems that often break down, forcing children to stay home or study in freezing classrooms. The heating system upgrades dramatically improve reliability and produce more heat with less fuel, which happens to be a dirtier-than-normal type of coal.

In China’s rural Hainan province, a Coalition project has made 1,300 efficient diesel generators available to farmers and small businesses as well below the market price. The primitive diesel generators generally available in that region of China are very dirty, and often not affordable at all. The newer design produces 80% less pollution and costs 40% less.

More broadly, support for the Energy Efficiency Coalition will help support:

1. International cooperation on energy efficiency projects.

2. Strengthening of government-industry-university cooperation on the promotion of energy efficiency.

3. Education about tougher energy efficiency standards for buildings, ganerators, and industrial pumps.

4. Wider dissemination of information on energy-efficient technologies and practices.

5. The Energy Efficiency Update newsletter sent to 17,000 readers each month.

These programs won’t yield fruit without ongoing financial support. You will feel good about supporting the Coalitions programs and contributing to future successes.

A Few Words About the Energy Efficiency Coalition:

Of course you want to know that your money is supporting an efficient and effective organization with a track record of success and competent leadership. The Energy Efficiency Coalition was founded in 1976. Since its founding seven former members of Congress and ten executives at Fortune 500 companies have served on the Board of Trustees. The current, honorary chair of the Board is Nobel laureate Al Gore. The current Executive Director, Chester Davis, has been involved in nonprofit management and environmental advocacy since graduating from Oklahoma State University in 1994,.

The Coalition currently works with over 150 Associates to advance energy efficiency. These Associates work in or with businesses, governments, and other nonprofits, including the Ad Council, UNEDP (United Nations Environment and Development Programme) and the United States Department of Energy.

The Energy Efficiency Coalition also “walks the talk” by operating out of a super-efficient office building located in Northeast Washington DC. The building is qualified for the prestigious Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design for Commercial Interiors Silver certification. The building uses energy-efficient lighting, recycled materials, and reuses furnishings and materials.

Your $35 donation will go to an organization that’s well-prepared to make the best possible use of the money. Thank you in advance for your support of the Coalition’s efforts to reduce energy use, combat climate change, and increase the nation’s security.



GIFT FORM ( A self-addressed, postage paid index card that folds up and can be sealed that way):

A final inducement to give

Your contribution to the Energy Efficiency Coalition is tax-deductible and much appreciated.

Please indicate your donation amount below and enclose a check or money order. Credit and debit card payments are also accepted. Just fill out the information below. A receipt will be mailed to you.

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