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Chester Davis

Thinking Traps

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How Our Thinking About Society Can Go Wrong

  1. Economic thinking that focuses on money.
  2. Biological thinking that focuses on genetics.
  3. Thinking that psychology alone drives human behavior.
  4. Morality that displaces hard thinking about the practical consequences of the moral rules or values we want to see in society.
  5. Religious/spiritual thinking that displaces a concern with the real world.
  6. Scientific thinking that displaces moral reasoning .
  7. Radical individualism that casts all thinking about society in terms of me, my interests, and my goals.
  8. Thinking about maintaining social order, the status qou, the traditional ways of doing things at any cost.

We've all fallen into one or more of those traps at times. The real problem is that so many prominent people are actively promoting those thinking traps in campaign speeches, on talk shows, in legislation, and in books.

Sociological thinking can help us to avoid these traps and the damage they can cause.